Being independently owned and funded, and having a team with over 200 years of combined mid-market deal experience gained in the industry, professional services, private equity and international debt markets, ensures our clients receive the best advice available.

We are members of World M&A Alliance, our international partnership of similarly structured firms. Through this position we are represented in 12 European countries other than worldwide presence in US, South America, Australia, Japan and Middle East. We can draw on the experience of over 300 senior corporate finance professionals across this network.


Wodehouse Capital Advisors was an idea that was conceived on the back of a paper napkin at a coffee shop on Wodehouse Road, Mumbai. It was this germ of an idea that, with careful nurturing, has grown into the strong, sturdy Kalpavriksha of today.

In a world where motives could be hidden and commissions are likely large, Wodehouse became the first Multi Family Office in India providing their clients with much needed transparency and some “darn good advice”. Our story is simple, we were good at what we did and added value with our ‘Client First’ policy. Then, word got around and soon expansion plans were underway.

Growing from a Multi Family Office, Wodehouse soon started its Investment Banking and Consultancy division. We carried with us

our client focused attitude from the Multi Family Office and delivered superior results due to the high involvement and concentrated effort. We also helped overseas clients identify business targets in India through our India Entry Strategy and have now developed this into a fully functional new business Vertical.

Currently, Wodehouse has a client base across India, the UK, Australia, USA , Singapore, the Middle East and Europe. Our USP is our unique network of ultra-high net worth families and access to capital that is ordinarily not available through traditional sources.


We believe in the extraordinary potential of all human beings to live a life of meaning and contribution through -



The Gutenberg Printing Press Started It
The world is speeding up. Change started a long time ago, the Gutenberg printing press. The printing press was the first moment in history that provided for the means of mass sharing of information. Today the Internet is the Gutenberg printing press on steroids. The acceleration in the rate of change these past two decades has created new lifestyles, new wealth, new opportunities and new challenges.
An IBM executive recently shared with us that 80% of the knowledge or content on the Internet is less than 2 years old and created by less than 20% of sites.
India is now one of the most desirable countries for wealth creation and accumulated wealth has exploded in recent years. According to a recent survey, the number of ultra-high net worth households with wealth in more than $30 million is expected to double in the next 10 years.
With growing wealth, though, comes the challenge of managing the wealth, consolidating investments, securing the family, and putting in place a framework for sustaining wealth to future generations. Navigating and overseeing the many activities and advisors is an overwhelming and time-consuming task. Most wealthy families have multiple relationships with banks, brokerage firms, money managers, CAs and accountants.


“We are well on our way to becoming one of the leading, sector and geography agnostic, mid-market focussed investment banks in India. What sets us apart is a thriving entrepreneurial culture and reputation for delivering outstanding results."


Managing Director & CEO

    Manmohan provides strategic direction, executive level decision making and overall management guidance and has over 24 years of corporate experience, with proven expertise in general management, marketing and product development across Wealth Management, Consumer Lending and Payment Products


    Having been in senior leadership positions in companies such as Reliance, MasterCard, MetLife, American Express Bank, Manmohan has essayed several key roles across Marketing, Distribution, Product Development, Loyalty Management, Credit and Operations. He has invaluable experience of having been a part of three start-ups and has deep understanding and knowledge of making new businesses successful.


    Manmohan founded Wodehouse Capital with an objective to preserve the wealth, lifestyle and legacy of ultra HNI families across generations and to perpetuate the core family values into the future generations. His vision for these families also includes providing opportunities to grow the family enterprise strategically and maximising operating profitability.


    He is an alumnus of SIBM, Pune and is a member of several professional and social bodies in India.

“We put our clients first, always. We have created a 360-degree service offering, that puts our clients’ need at the centre."

Sraboni Haralalka

Executive Director

    Sraboni’s experience in dealing and interacting with Promoter Families and UHNIs makes her one of the few professionals to have an indepth understanding of the Multi Family Office proposition. Rich and varied experience across Asset Classes, Onshore & Offshore Investment Products and Private Equity Opportunities has helped her in extending a holistic approach to Client Advisory.


    Sraboni is a finance professional with 20+ years of experience spread across Family Office, Banking, Wealth Management and Insurance. During her positions with companies such as American Express Bank, MetLife, Societe Generale & HSBC, Sraboni played several key roles across Business Development, Channel Management, Operations, Service and Product Development. Winning the Chairman’s award at


    American Express and being the Leaders Conference qualifier at MetLife were some of her global and local accolades during these stints.


    She is a double post graduate and an alumnus of La Martiniere School & Presidency College, Calcutta. She has been a rank holder through her academic pursuits. She’s an avid reader of history & literature . Travelling and Art are her other interests.





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