We deliver an end-to-end strategic solution to companies looking to enter the vibrant India market.

Clients leverage our network to find strategic domestic partners and acquisition targets and benefit from our years of successful execution of business models in India.


Our rich experience of establishing successful new businesses from the ground up allows us to create a comprehensive strategy and implementation plan.

We gauge and ratify the opportunity for your line of business providing a comprehensive market analysis detailing the challenges, competition, recommended price structure and viable business models that would suit the Indian market.

We leverage our knowledge & networks to create the right blueprint for the business.

  • We identify the key factors for the market, the industry, the political climate and the Indian norms that executives should consider when devising an effective market entry strategy. Any strategic decision to enter India must take into consideration the complexity of the norms and the unique cultural, religious and social factors in the various regions of India.
  • We do a thorough analysis of market size, opportunity assessment, SWOT analysis and create a strategy for clients. Our experience and network helps us avoid many pitfalls foreign players fall into. Our partner selection and due diligence offerings help identify and evaluate the best Indian business partners and acquisition opportunities
  • We offer end to end transaction support for acquisitions
  • We offer custom research to answer specific questions you may have about the India market such as location analysis, competitive benchmarking, value chain analysis, etc. Our customer intelligence research helps you understand the Indian consumer and the requirements for a successful entry into India


Indian regulatory laws and government bodies are complex to handle…

We provide the right counsel on the policy structure, obtain operational clearances and ensure that the rollout is within the regulatory framework. We also identify and bring in domain experts where necessary to ensure a timely rollout.


We’re fully equipped to go beyond an advisory capacity and take an action.

Our goal with each client is to ensure their success in meeting objectives. Depending on the client’s preference, we can manage the business structure, marketing, resource identification, location assessment and product development. We also bring in expert financial, legal, HR, business development and operational experience that can fill in key management functions and support the initial scaling of the business.

Recent Achievement : Vistra acquisition

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