Wodehouse is a premier mid-market investment bank. We help clients with Mergers & Acquisitions, Capital Syndication services, Strategic Consulting and Multi-family office services. We bring with us the best practices from around the globe through the World M&A Alliance, our international partnership of investment firms covering the largest economies. What sets us apart in our journey of over a decade is our thriving entrepreneurial culture and reputation for consistently delivering quality results.

Our deep domain expertise, professional hands-on approach and a ‘client-centered’ process ensure consistently outstanding results. In addition, we bring global best practices through the World M&A Alliance, our international partnership of investment firms covering the world’s largest economies.



Managing Director & CEO

Manmohan co-founded Wodehouse Capital over a decade ago. He provides strategic direction and overall guidance in firm-wide decision-making. Manmohan has over 30 years of experience with proven expertise spanning Investment Banking, Commercial Banking, Consumer Lending and Payment Products.

Prior to founding Wodehouse Capital, Manmohan has held Senior Leadership positions at Reliance, MasterCard, MetLife, and American Express Bank. He brings with him the invaluable experience of being a part of three start-ups and has a deep understanding of making new businesses successful.

Manmohan holds an MBA degree from Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Pune and is also a member of several professional and social bodies in India.



Executive Director

Sraboni is the co-founder at Wodehouse Capital. Her 26 years of experience in dealing and interacting with UHNIs as well as Promoter families make her one of the few professionals to have a holistic understanding of the synergies of M&A and Investment management.

Prior to co-founding Wodehouse Capital, Sraboni has essayed key roles at American Express Bank, MetLife, Societe Generale, and HSBC. During her stints, she has won multiple accolades like Chairman’s award at American Express and Leaders Conference qualifier at MetLife.

Sraboni holds a double postgraduate degree and is an alumnus of La Martiniere School & Presidency College, Calcutta.



Wodehouse Capital Advisors was an idea that was conceived on the back of a paper napkin at a coffee shop on Wodehouse Road, Mumbai. It was this germ of an idea that, with careful nurturing, has grown into the strong, sturdy Kalpavriksha of today.

In a world where motives could be hidden and commissions are likely large, Wodehouse became the first Multi Family Office in India providing their clients with much needed transparency and some “darn good advice”. Our story is simple, we were good at what we did and added value with our ‘Client First’ policy. Then, word got around and soon expansion plans were underway.



Our logo is composed of three components:

  1. The Indigo coloured Banyan Tree -
    Indigo is a color of intuition and perception. It is powerful and dignified and conveys integrity and deep sincerity. Indigo is insightful and responsible. It reflects devotion, wisdom and justice along with fairness and impartiality.

    The Banyan Tree represents the divine creator and symbolises longevity. In Hindu Mythology, it is believed to provide fulfilment of wishes and provide material gain.
  2. The Brand WODEHOUSE is at the root of this tree.  
  3. The dual oval lines (outer one solid black and inner one thinner Indigo) signify the Seal of Assurance.


Our website design is inspired by the Banyan tree 'root' metaphor. Banyan trees have long aerial roots that grow from the branches into the ground. The branches are unusually long, and the trees can grow and spread great distances. It is because of these unique roots that banyan trees grow and live for centuries.

Our design philosophy symbolizes rooted growth and longevity that define great businesses.